This week it was revealed Birmingham-based Sales and Marketing firm Privilege Promotions have continued to travel around the UK testing new territory, this time embarking on several business trips to Wales.

The travel plans were organised by Managing Director Will Ross and have seen 15 of Privilege Promotions contractors travel between Swansea and Birmingham, conducting market research during the end of April.

The company’s decision to explore Wales, testing the market there, has sparked rumours of further expansion. Already this year Privilege Promotions have travelled to London, Leeds and Manchester, but this latest trip seems to have been particularly prosperous. Will Ross, CEO of the firm, has revealed, “We believe it is important to conduct as much research as possible, and the best way to do this is by travelling around the UK to see what locations have the best results of customer acquisition.”

The business owner’s decision to take two groups of select team members to Wales over the last week has helped the company gain a better insight into the Swansea market. “We want to grow as a business, and so it is vital we remain competitive, this includes prices and performance for clients,” Mr Ross explained. “Travelling across the country to see how well we are doing against our competitors, is very helpful and allows us to troubleshoot and further develop as a workforce.”

The road trips conducted by the firm so far this year have proven to generate a great deal of positive interest, and for this reason, they plan to continue to travel to more of the UK’s leading cities, to promote their services. Their contractors have also reported a spike in productivity as a result of recent trips.

Privilege Promotions is a direct sales and marketing firm which provides clients with a vast and diverse customer base while providing a unique and personalised service to each one of those customers, leaving them feeling valued and respected by the brand. Through providing this service, the firm has managed to expand their clientele 15% since they were established in 2014.