Privilege Promotions Ltd say that customer service remains a top priority for English businesses this year. The four “A”s suggested by Craig Morantz can help businesses stay ahead of their competition.

Customer service remains a key differentiator and determines the success or failure of businesses. According to the 2014 Call Center Executive Priorities Report, the customer experience remains the primary investment target in 2014 with 68 per cent of businesses planning to increase their customer management spend this year. “This is good news,” says Will Ross, Managing Director of Privilege Promotions Ltd. “Principally it is so easy, companies that look after their customers and show how much they care. This can increase customer loyalty, which leads to reduced cost and increasing profitability,” adds Will Ross. In fact, research undertaken by Emmet Murphy and Mark Murphy outlines, that reducing customer defection by only five per cent can increase profitability by 25 to 125 per cent.

In an article published by Kevin Daum, titled, ‘The 4 key needs of Customers that must be Addressed’, he outlines the four key needs businesses must fulfill in order to stay ahead of competitors, as suggested by Craig Morantz. These are: Attention, Affection, Appreciation and Acceptance.

It is crucial to show customers 100 per cent of attention. “People want to feel valued and recognised for doing business with a brand,” says Will Ross of Privilege Promotions Ltd. “If you don’t give them 100 per cent of your attention, they feel very quickly that the business does not care and they may simply look elsewhere,” explains Will Ross. Furthermore, consumers must feel affection and appreciation. “It might be spending a little extra time with them, so they feel that they are well looked after and appreciated, rather than rushing through the buying process,” says Will Ross. Customers have the need to feel appreciated and recognised for their loyalty. The fourth point Morantz suggests is acceptance, not only for ‘easy’ customers, but also for the ones that may complain or need extra time to be looked after. “Of course, generally firms are always hoping of a quick sale. However, this is where we feel, businesses can make a real difference,” says Will Ross of Privilege Promotions Ltd. He is of the opinion that a clear explanation, taking the time to make a joke, looking at individual needs to personalise the experience and resolving issues quickly if they arise is what differentiates successful businesses from others.

Will Ross of Privilege Promotions Ltd says that the importance of providing a great customer experience will increase in the coming years. “Consumers know what they want and continue to look for the best value. They do have the choice and do not hesitate anymore to change brands if they do not feel well looked after. According to the Customers 2020 Report, the customer experience will overtake price and product as the main key differentiator by 2020.

Privilege Promotions Ltd, an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Leicester, UK, have made the customer experience number one on their priority list. The firm’s sales force meets with customers on a face-to-face basis in order to promote and sell products and services on behalf of Privilege Promotions Ltd.’s clients. “We made it our goal to really personalise the customer experience and take the time to individually consult them,” explains Will Ross. He confirms that feedback coming directly from the consumer is passed on immediately to their clients so they can act on it accordingly. Privilege Promotions Ltd have increased their clients’ customer retention by almost 25 per cent in Q1 this year which has resulted in an increase of their clients’ profitability by over 32 per cent.

Privilege Promotions Ltd have been asked by their clients to expand their campaigns following their success-to-date.