As the biggest boxing fight of the decade fast approaches, the Privilege Promotions workforce have been studying the inspiring words of the “unstoppable” Connor McGregor.

The entire world has been eagerly anticipating the fight between Irish MMA star Connor McGregor and undefeated boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. With less than a week to go until the globally observed event takes place in glitzy Las Vegas, Privilege Promotions have been running a series of morning meetings focused on the formidable force of the Dublin champion.

Floyd Mayweather Jr., who is emerging from boxing hiatus to take on “Mystic Mac” has never lost a fight in his boxing career, and as a boxing newbie, McGregor is widely regarded as the indisputable underdog of the competition. In spite of this, his unwavering confidence and ability to remain optimistic in the face of relentless criticism by naysayers have hugely inspired the sales and marketing specialists.

Managing Director Will Ross, who has been conducting a number of the motivational meetings and plans to take a number of high performing brand representatives to a V.I.P. showing of the fight, has said; “Connor McGregor consistently proves people wrong, and his unadulterated determination and belief in his ability to exceed others’ expectations is admirable. He delivers, every single time and he is a perfect example of a committed, passionate force of nature.”

Connor, who has correctly predicted his ability to “be the best MMA fighter in Europe, beat the unbeatable Jose Aldo… and win two UFC championship belts” has an admirable ability to transform scepticism into certainty. Regardless of the outcome of the fight, Will hopes his workforce will take a leaf out of McGregor’s book when it comes to maintaining a positive mindset when working towards your goals.

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