The firm will kick off the final month of summer with a trip to Blackpool, where CEO Will Ross plans to conduct some intensive training for the top performing Privilege Promotions contractors.

Having received a particularly good response to their clients’ product in the Lancashire region, Will has selected the seaside town as an ideal location to take his contractors for some further sales training. The business owner recognises this opportunity as a chance to take his team members to a fun location to develop them as brand ambassadors.

The Managing Director has revealed that the individuals invited on the road trip will be a selection of the best company reps who are looking to be promoted to leadership roles. Will believe’s it is very important for all brand ambassadors to have an understanding of the demographics of all marketable regions first and foremost, in order to make accurate predictions on how a client’s product or services will sell in varying markets.

“This trip will serve as a fantastic training opportunity, it will give the sales teams a chance to shake it up by implementing different sales and marketing strategies,” Will says. “It is important for all team members to be able to adapt and tailor their approach accordingly, depending on their audience. I will be demonstrating various ways to do this which I hope is helpful for my staff.”

Privilege Promotions is a direct sales and marketing firm which provides clients with a vast and diverse customer base while providing a unique and personalised service to each one of those customers, leaving them feeling valued and respected by the brand. Through providing this service, the firm has managed to expand their clientele 75% since they were established in 2014.