CEO, Will Ross, will be conducting a business trip to Manchester for a personalised training day for new recruits.


Will plans to escort a number of the newest Privilege Promotions contractors on the day trip in order to familiarise them with the company’s practice and approach and to provide an insight into how they conduct business in the field. The day will grant the individuals an opportunity to ask their new boss any questions they may have prior to their official start date.

Will weighed in on the upcoming training day, stating; “This is a fantastic opportunity to be hands on with our new recruits. It will give me a chance to pay them close attention and provide my personal insight and feedback, as well as giving them the opportunity to voice any queries they might have.”

For Will, developing his workforces’ skill-set, encouraging them to meet their full potential is at the top of his list of priorities for the business. The CEO recognises it is hugely important to allow every contractor the opportunity to work towards both their personal goals and the shared goal of expanding and growing as a firm.

“I will continue to do my best to get to know each of my contractors because I like to personally show them the ropes so I can get a better understanding of their specific style and skill-set,” Will commented.

Will revealed summer got off to a brilliant start as the company saw a substantial rush in their recruitment. The business owner was keen to praise the efforts of his administrators for the growth in this particular area. The firm, who are based in the city centre of Birmingham, have big ambitions for 2017 and plan to have grown their workforce even more by the end of the year.

The firm provides clients with cost-effective and innovative marketing solutions, which allow them to expand business activities into new target markets, boosting sales revenues. Also, their face-to-face marketing techniques create a positive and personal experience for their customers.