With a plethora of new apps hitting the market on a weekly basis, direct marketing specialist, and supporter of entrepreneurship, Privilege Promotions is urging people to take advantage of technology and use these 10 apps to grow their business. 

Advances in technology have made it simpler than ever to boost productivity and make running a business easier. Birmingham-based direct marketing specialist Privilege Promotions suggests that using a number of mobile apps helps them to be more organised and productive. Managing Director Will Ross explains: “Running a business in the 21st century is fantastic. With today’s technology, you have access to resources you could only dream of ten years ago.”

In fact, research reveals that the estimated global app revenue was $35 billion in 2014, $45 billion in 2015 and $58 billion last year. Gartner predicts that in 2017, over 268 billion mobile downloads will generate an income of $77 billion. With the plethora of apps available, Mr Ross reveals the 10 apps Privilege Promotions uses to increase productivity and communication and to continuously improve accounting processes and business growth.

1. ZenDay

A 3D timeline display and easy navigation help users to plan, view and prioritise tasks ahead of time. “This app is a brilliant help for me to manage my time effectively”, says Privilege Promotions’ MD Will Ross.

2. Tmetric.com

This app entails a built-in activity timer and creates detailed work time reports. It also allows managers to monitor their colleagues’ productivity online.

3. Stay focused

Privilege Promotions uses this rather strict app in order to avoid any disruptions during working hours. The app restricts users from spending time on time-wasting websites.

4. Campfire

This app is designed to create a user-friendly chat forum to organise and share projects, files and messages and allows managers to assign tasks to particular members.

5. Highrise

Mr Ross believes that every entrepreneur should have this app. This customer relationship management tool helps businesses to stay in contact with their customers and sends reminders to follow up on tasks and appointments.

6. Glip

This app allows people to share calendars, files, chat online and set up video conferences without having to switch from one window to another.

7. Redbooth

Will Ross of Privilege Promotions says: “This app is one of my absolute favourites. It has become our productivity superstar in the office.” Redbooth sends notifications for tasks until they are resolved and offers amongst others file storage, workflow reports, charts and an HD video conference call feature.

8. Asana

This app is a project management tool that can be used for up to 15 people, with options to colour code projects and sub-tasks, uploading attachments and making amendments to tasks.

9. Trello

The dashboard option makes it easy to help users move between a number of projects and to better understand the progress made of each of the assignments.

10. Xero Tax Touch

Small businesses can benefit from this accounting app that provides payroll solutions, tracks expenses and makes tax filings simple.

Privilege Promotions is one of Birmingham’s leading direct marketing companies. Founded in 2014, the firm has grown constantly and increased their clientele drastically. The firm’s vision is to continuously increase sales and to support new entrepreneurs who want to run their own business.

Over the coming months, Privilege Promotions is aiming even higher and planning to expand into further UK markets. In line with their clients’ requests, Will Ross reveals that the firm is planning to discover new markets in Italy, Japan, Australia, Brazil, UAE, South Africa and the US in the next five years.