Will Ross, CEO of Birmingham based Privilege Promotions, has been investigating the various ways to improve as a business leader, acknowledging how the best leaders are the ones capable of identifying the bad habits which need to be cut out.

To become the best leader possible, individuals must be open to continual learning; educating and developing their leadership skills every day. The Managing Director recognises that the process of becoming a better leader is something which gradually happens over time and comes down to deliberately practising daily improvements to business approach. In addition to this, Mr Ross has discussed the various bad habits individuals must put a stop to if they wish to fulfil their full potential as a motivational and inspirational leader.

Privilege Promotions encourage all leaders to cut out the following habits in their pursuit to become a better leader…

1. Micro-managing

Expressing an interest is one thing, but becoming too involved can lead to micro-managing territory. It is important to avoid micromanagement as it has proven to suffocate people, halting their creativity, accountability and overall purpose.

2. Dominating Conversations

Taking over meetings and team discussions is not an effective management technique. Instead, Professionals should try to listen attentively and glean as much information from everyone as possible. ‘Learn to listen, and you will learn to lead.’ States Privilege Promotions.

3. Letting Ego Get in the Way

This can be difficult, but it is important to realise and reaffirm that being the leader does not mean knowing it all and does not mean a person’s decisions are necessarily always the best. Letting ego get in the way of business can have a detrimental effect on team dynamic and make a leader unapproachable.

4. Passing the Buck

This is a weak trait and not the kind of exemplary behaviour a business leader should be demonstrating. Leaders must be prepared to give away all of the credit for the success of the team, and on the flip side, also be ready to take responsibility any failures. Being an accountable leader will gain the respect of a workforce.

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Source: https://www.inc.com/jordan-scheltgen/5-habits-you-need-to-drop-to-become-a-better-leade.html